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A.    Preface

Career Development for Students and Alumni/Pengembangan Karir Mahasiswa dan Alumni (PKMA) University of Muhammadiyah Malang is one part of Student Affairs Bureau which handles career development for students and alumni. With the career development for students and alumni, communication of the alumni and the university and between the alumni and the third party such as state and private institution can give payoffs for university development and alumni existance.

Realizing duties and responsibilities of alumni in a community, with the education and knowledge obtained during studying at UMM, PKMA University of Muhammadiyah Malang is responsible to realize alumni who have competitiveness of various fields such as in service, industry, office, property, etc.

PKMA provides training in facing jobs world and entrepreneurship for alumni. The training is expected to motivate alumni in choosing of being successful and independent people of any area of science.  


      The objectives are:

  1. To be a means of alumni's gathering and synergy.
  2. To be a motivation for alumni so that they can creatively work for the development of alumni, alma mater, local area and Indonesia.
  3. To be a lateral and vertical communicator, building networking for alumni and interest groups which have creation, ideas, and work plans.
  4. To be a facilitator of creation, ideas, and works of the alumni can be realized and can provide benefits to societies and development for the alma mater and alumni.


  1. Updating alumni's biodata continuously so that it can give benefits to alumni and university.
  2. Consolidating alumni per period of graduation so that there will be a stewardship on every graduation period. The expectation is that alumni realize more on the importance of alumni community.
  3. Planning routine meeting activities with various themes of event. It is aimed to strenghten silaturahmi .
  4. Organizing job fair for students and alumni.
  5. Performing community service (local, regional, and national disasters)
  6. Building communication media (bulletin) every 6 months for the alumni.


 Providing training of jobs and entrepreneurship to alumni to improve competitiveness.

  1. Releasing alumni card of every graduation period. This card can be used as evidence of University of Muhammadiyah Malang alumni.
  2. Informing alumni about jobs and business opportunity through SMS Gateway cellular network.
  3. Inventoring alumni and their potencies in a form of valid and accurate database which can be used based on the need of alumni, university, and outer side of alumni (governmental and private institutions).
  4. Improving concern of the members in a form of information about scholarship, jobs market for alumni candidates.
  5. Informing the alumni association through social network (Facebook & Twitter).


Career Development for Students and Alumni also cooperates with governmental institutions, among others:

    1. Cooperation with DIKTI through program
      1. Coopertive Education Program (CO-OP)
      2. Softskill training for students of Malang and Blitar
      3. Development of Entrepreneurship and National Productivity Center
    2. Cooperation with Kopertis of Area VII Surabaya through Entrepreneur Student Program/Program Mahasiswa Wirausaha (PMW)
    3. Cooperation with TELKOM through CO-OP Education Program


Malang, November 19, 2010

The Head of PKMA Division,


Dwi Eko Waluyo, SE.,M.Si




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