Environmental Development

Environmental Development is carried out in order to foster order and discipline of students while at the boarding house. This activity was carried out by establishing good cooperation between local officials, for example, home owners, RT, RW, village head, sub-district head, sub-district head, police and others with the leadership of the University of Muhammadiyah Malang.
Guidance on ethics, morals, and discipline of students while in the boarding house is carried out by establishing intensive communication and collaboration with the apparatus. if it is known that the behavior of students who are in the boarding house has violated ethics, morality, decency, religion and law, then the student's behavior can be quickly identified and then the necessary steps will be taken in the context of providing action and coaching to students. All data and information on students' whereabouts at the boarding house were included in the UMM student information and data base. Through this facility, it is easy to know the place, area, number, circumstances and environmental conditions of the residence/boarding house and others. UMM students around the campus. The data and information made it easier for UMM to carry out environmental coaching as well as for student families to immediately find out about the circumstances and conditions of the environment where students live around the University of Muhammadiyah Malang campus.

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