Vice Rector III Remarks

Vice Rector III Remarks : Dr. Nur Subeki, ST., MT


Welcome to the Student and Alumni Service page of the University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM). The Student and Alumni Affairs Division has a role and responsibility to improve the quality of student and alumni affairs on an ongoing basis so that they can make a good contribution to the nation and state.
As for the scope of Student and Alumni Affairs, namely the Development of the field of reasoning, the field of Interests Talent and the Environment, the field of Community Welfare, Student and Alumni Career Development, BEMU, SEMU, BEMFA, SEFA, HMJ, LSO, Student Activity Unit (UKM), Campus Press, Polyclinic. P2KK, Student Community Service, Rusunawa and Counseling Guidance for students.
The mission of Muhammadiyah University's Student and Alumni Affairs is Creative, Educative, Characteristic and Religious. With this mission in organizing student development in various fields of activity that can meet the demands of the development of student affairs and still be guided by the personality of Al-Islam and Muhammadiyah.
We provide integrated services to all students, alumni and stakeholders according to current needs and technological developments.
Office of the Student Center Building, floor I.
Telephone +62 821-5516-6635 , ext. 112.104 ,Fax/Tel. 0341-464320